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In cases of lost power or low visibility, it can be important to get people to a safe location quickly and safely. Smoke is not just bad to breathe, it can disorient and delay someone leaving an area of danger.
What we do is assess your emergency lights needs and identify the best method to keep you safe during an emergency. We hope you will never find yourself in a situation where you need to use our service, but if disaster strikes our engineers will make sure the lighting does not fail when you need it most.

What is Emergency Lighting?
Whenever a power cut occurs, your building has back-up lighting which is called emergency lighting. This ensures that your building won’t be pitch dark during an emergency. In order to work correctly, a qualified specialist needs to install it the right way and you need to maintain and test it. This way you ensure that your business complies with all the regulations.

With Cardinal Fire, we ensure that your business stays compliant. Our electricians will keep your systems in check and maintained so that all the standards are met. This way you will not only be legally complaint but you will also ensure your employees and customers are safe in case of an emergency.

Who needs emergency lights?
As a rule, most commercial institutions such as offices, retail stores, leisure centres and other public building need to have emergency lights installed on their premises. There are different requirements when it comes to buildings. However, a risk assessment will conclude what type of emergency lighting is needed for your building.

Emergency escape lighting
They represent the lights that show all the escape routes when people need to leave a building during an emergency situation. They will be guided towards the nearest emergency exit.

Emergency safety lighting
This is used during a power cut only. People can remain in areas of the building as the power is being restored but it wouldn’t be enough for work to be carried out.

Standby lighting
When a power cut occurs, this back-up light will allow work to be carried out.

You are legally responsible to ensure that you comply with the emergency lighting legislation. Some of the most important legislation regarding the use of emergency lighting within a commercial building is stated in the Fire Safety Order, the Health and Safety at Work Act, as well as the Building Regulations and the EU Workplace Directive.

Trusted Emergency Lighting Testing Service in The West Midlands
Every 6 months, businesses are required to have an emergency lighting test performed on their premises. Our fire specialists will perform a thorough inspection of the emergency lighting. This will uncover any potential hazards that you might not be aware of. Once the testing is complete, we can further install and commission the required emergency lighting so that you can stay compliant. All the records will be kept in a fire logbook.

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